with Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, CLC

Welcome!  I’m Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, author of The Christian Mystic Coaching Experience, a wildly non-religious and deeply sacred coaching adventure in soul development & relational enhancement, here at The Relationship Doctor.

Live life like you mean it! – The Christian Mystic Coaching Experience:  Learn to use the natural developmental tensions and times of deep disorientation to re-ignite your divine wonder, get to know and appreciate your true self, and reorient in ways that open you up to full participation in life.  TCMCE work can help you drop into, and stay in, the clarity, connection, and courage that come from a strong friendship with God’s ultimate reality. 

Explore & expand your Relational style! – The Relationship Doctor is In: Our favorite style of being in the world with others can be our biggest strength in some situations, and our most profound blind spot in others.  TCMCE professional  relationship coaching provides a strong, wisdom-based frame for the spiritual and psychological work of Enneagram personality style development, so you can more freely choose which relational strengths to use in each moment! 

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    Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, PhD, Counseling Psychology.   ICF Certified CLC).   Professional Relationship Coach & Trainer

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    Among the 1st Generation of the Riso-Hudson Global Enneagram Institute Jr. Faculty to be Authorized to Deliver Riso-Hudson Workshops & Assist with Curriculum Development!


Ronna is a dynamic and engaging presenter and consultant. She goes the extra mile to make sure people get value from her programs. Her warmth and high energy help people to feel safe and focus on what’s most important. I personally have received unlimited encouragement from this enthusiastic and energetic gal. I strongly recommend Ronna for any project.

Denny Stockdale, Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Stockdale Resource Group

I want to thank you soo much for our session...! In 50 minutes you assisted me to return from a frenzied completely ungrounded state back to myself! That was such an incredible gift. The evening continued to be stressful but I remained in myself, and navigated it much more skillfully. The next day, I was more empowered and I had a breakthrough in feeling more competent. I completed the week with a sense of optimism. ....Thank you so much Ronna! Your work is super inspiring!

Rossi Joy Photography

I benefited greatly from working with Ronna. She truly is an expert in her field. Ronna’s careful listening and insightful comments have allowed me to gain greater awareness about myself. I highly recommend Ronna to anyone who is looking to change their lives toward increased self understanding, increased personal productivity, and increased joy for life!

Anika D., Grad Student in Psychology

Ronna is a gifted teacher, coach and inspirational leader. She is an expert in the Enneagram which she uses to help her clients understand themselves and others with compassion. I highly recommend her as coach and teacher.

Catherine Hayes, Director, Special Projects at Health Resources in Action

Ronna has been a friend and colleague for years, a relationship for which I am grateful. Professionally she introduced me to the Enneagram, found I am a 5, an introduction which sent me down a path of learning that has enriched my life and my work. Her ability to explain the model and the finer points enabled me to grow in my grasp of the concepts. She is available and willing to answer any question — no matter how dumb I thought it was — with kindness and skill. She is a great presenter and an expert in her field.   

Dr. Mary Anne Fifield, Director & Founder at the Addiction Recovery Center (ARC)

Ronna has been an astonishing teaching partner for years.  She connects with her audience with such intelligence.  Students often remark about her ability to convey profound knowledge with clarity, compassion and respect. She is a dream to co-teach with–her ability to flow with her teaching partner and with what is happening in the room with students makes for an exquisite teaching and learning experience.  Thank you, Ronna! 

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D., Founder, Author, Teacher and Coach, Deep Coaching Institute

I’m simply dropping a note to say: THANK YOU!!! Your conference has deeply influenced and transformed my life – no understatement. I had not realized, even through all my contemplative training and exercising, how much I still had constricted Reality through Personality. That weekend helped me to objectively and compassionately teach me to be much more Present in all things… I cannot stress enough how much my life and ministry have been wonderfully affected/effected by what you all taught so well! Thank you, Roxanne and Ronna. You are fantastic teachers!! Presence really is the key to knowing oneself, relationships and Reality (God in our tradition). The conference really made the enneagram 3-dimensional (though I’m sure there are more dimensions to be discovered!) in my current use and understanding of it. This practice and teaching has really helped me on a deeper level to encounter God not as a Being but as Being itself. Deeply intimate and relational by definition. 

David Pinkston,  Pastorworship leader, Pasadena, California

When we finally recognize that a difficult life transition is not only challenging, but an opportunity, so many wonderful things can happen.  Ronna, “the rock star” as I call her, was absolutely the right person at the right time in my life – she is authentic, funny, thoughtful, compassionate, and really smart – can you think of a better combination for someone in her line of work?   She helped me find break through moments in my own journey for personal growth, she met me where I was for each of our sessions, respected my thinking, and gently but enthusiastically encouraged new ways to approach relationships.   If you’re looking for someone who’s easy to talk to, thoughtful, and will help you find your unique path for growth, then Ronna is for you – she’s amazing! 

Non Profit Professional, Cupertino, CA

Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie is, by far, one of most brilliant, insightful and compassionate coaches that I know. She is a true Doctor of Relationships–gifted not only in her ability to understand and ‘get what is going on’ with her clients, but her ‘magic’ in transforming their personal lives and their most critical relationships. Ronna comes with a lifetime of experience and credentials, including career work as a counselor, professor, an expert and respected speaker on the national circuit, and a sought after consultant to schools, churches, and organizations. She is equally adept at ‘fixing an angry teen’ as she is at repairing hopeless marriages, and distraught, dysfunctional families. You will find in Ronna a capable advocate, an incredible coach, and a professional capable of taking you where you want to go, ‘for the best relationships of your life, and the best life you can lead.

Lance Lee, PhD – Founder and President, Center for Relationship, Silicon Valley

Thanks again for another amazing session.  I am still in awe of your work.  I am giving your email to our Clinical Director.  I also gave your info to a dear friend of mine.  You facilitate shift happening and I sense the deep sacredness in the belly of your work! 

Chezspri Fischer, RN, MA, Senior Clinical Consultant to the Alternative to Meds Center, Sedona, AZ

Ronna is an excellent presenter!  She is energetic, well organized,  and very engaging  as she works with groups.  No matter what she teaches, she stimulates involvement and motivation in her audience.  She is just as effective as she works with individuals.  I see Ronna as someone who is highly committed to the people with whom she works!

Bev Wiens, Chair, Psychology Department, William Jessup Univeristy

In just two calls with you, I feel like I’ve grown more and learned more about myself than I have in 10 years.  Forever grateful for having you in my life.  Thank you.

Maggie, Sales Professional