There are six critical practices that, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry, author of the best-seller Emotional Intelligence 2.0 ,  mark the styles of a truly great leader.

These practices are ways of responding that reflect a great deal of personality development.   What we really see here is that important space between the outside stimulus and the healthy leader’s response: a space that create choice.    If we use the language of the Enneagram of Personality to unpack these sharp observations Bradberry is making, these leaders are “wearing” their personality styles lightly, and can shift and move along the various “arrow lines” of all the type strengths.   It is why, as Bradberry so wisely points out, great leadership is a type of dynamic presence in the room!  Click the photo below to hear the full talk; and check out some of the Enneagram of Personality clues to walking these six practices out, below…

great leader


  1. “kind without being weak” could be flexing the style along the Six (Likable Loyalist) and Type Nine (Grounded Peacemaker)  arrow line….
  2. “strong without being harsh could be flexing the style along the ” Type Eight (Trustworthy Challenger) and the Type Two (Empathetic Helper) arrow line….
  3. “confident without being cocky” could be flexing the style along the Type Three (Get-it-done Achiever) and the Type Six (Team-building Loyalist) arrow line….
  4. “stay positive but remain realistic” could be flexing the style along the Type Seven (Bright-side Enthusiast) and the Type Five (Not-afraid-of-the-data Investigator) arrow line…
  5. “they’re role models, not preachers” could be flexing the style along the Type One (Admirable Reformer) and the Type Four (Authentic Individualist) and/or the Type Seven (Engaging Enthusiast) arrow line….
  6. We could continue to unpack these behaviors of great leaders in many directions along the arrow lines of the Nine types within us all.    There is a lot of power in leadership that uses the wisdom of style awareness, whatever system is used to create that awareness!

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