Bay Club Cupertino Connect Suites

 10101 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

We are located just minutes down the street

from the Apple Campus Cupertino!

Apple Campus CupertinoMAIN OFFICE

The Relationship Doctor

10am-3pm Monday through Friday (Group, Individual, & Couple Coaching)

11am-4pm Sundays (Workshops & Groups Only)

On-call Appointments Available When Needed!

When you come in for your first full session with Ronna, you get a free day pass to the beautiful Bay Club Cupertino, which you can use any day that works for you!  (Part of the Silicon Valley campus,  the Bay Club Cupertino caters to every lifestyle need in a state-of-the-art facility, just minutes from the new Apple Campus Cupertino!   Spanning three floors and 70,000 square feet, work out at their innovative group exercise classes and Mind & Body Center, get productive at one of the workstations, or enjoy a snack at the in-club Starbucks Cafe!


  Take the Next Step in Your Relational Growth Adventure!

Try the Christian Enneagram Coaching Experience….

I know, whatever relational journey brought you to this moment, you are designed by God to live in healthy relationships, where you naturally thrive.   If you are truly ready to start creating that kind of interpersonal life, this FREE 15-minute INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION  is a great opportunity for us to explore the ways professional relationship coaching can help you get there, and whether or not the kind of deep psychological and spiritual growth work I do with my clients is a good fit for you.