The Benefits of Working with Ronna

Compared to Working with Other “Couples” Counselors:

Psychologist discussing with a couple in trouble

A lot helping professionals do some form of marriage or couple counseling, however Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie specializes in working with couples.  Her revolutionary approach to couples coaching integrates personality science, couple development theory, and the deep wisdom themes of scripture, in ways that create powerful forward movement and deeply satisfying results for clients in their relational growth journeys.

When choosing a coach or counselor to support your growth work as a couple, it is important to remember that most graduate programs in those fields do not include even one complete course on couples therapy.    In contrast, Ronna started her professional life as a psychotherapist and college professor who specialized in coaching and teaching couples who were heading into full-time ministry.   She has been coaching couples into healthier partnerships, and teaching the Couple Development Model, integrating that specialty with her work in personality, for almost three decades!    Today, Ronna continues in intense study in her specialization with two of the leading couples therapist in the world,  Dr. Ellyn Bader & Dr. Peter Pearson, authors of the Couple Development Model, as a graduate of their “1 in 1,000” Master Mentorship program; as well as immersing herself in the work of other thought leaders in this exclusive circle of experts.    

Now, at the request of many of her colleagues in the field,  she and Michelle Wangler-Joy MA, MFT are adding their own theoretical voice to the couples counseling specialization circle, with their ground-breaking professional training for helping professionals who work with couples, integrating couple development with personality development using the Enneagram system.

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