Optimizing Your Partnership Dynamics

in Marriage, Business, or Ministry!

Partners!  Your ability to love, work, and/or play together well and be a high functioning team is MOST impacted by your level of development  –  BOTH your personal development AND your level of development as as a team.  

That kind of personal and relational progress is the focus your work here at THE RELATIONSHIP DOCTOR, where masterfully personalized coaching interventions can yield insights into your individual Enneagram of Personality Style growth path, and create breakthroughs to building the best relationships of your life.

To create and maintain a high functioning partnership, it’s a good idea to understand your and your partner’s ways of being in the world (your personality styles)….that is, what each of you tend to do when you’re more healthy and relaxed as opposed to when you are more unhealthy and stressed.

And it’s also helpful to know what stage of growth you two are in as a team (your relational development stage). 

The intersection of your personality style development with your relational development is where you will find your most powerful and important leverage for growth.     

By raising your awareness of those dynamics, TCEE coaching can expand the options available to you in any moment, in any interaction, through interventions and skill-building proven to support and streamline the specific developmental challenges you are facing.



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