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a note from Ronna to you:    

Relationship is an ongoing adventure, happening every moment….

With God

With your true self

With your fiance

With your community

Sometimes we get these INVITATIONS TO SHOW UP FULLY for love, we live it. And sometimes it is just about the easiest thing to miss.

Something amazing happens when we really make contact with another human being and we’re open to God doing whatever He wants to do.    WE BECOME part of God’s redemptive story, radical transformation,  and spiritual renewal.

We all know this place, we’ve got all kinds of words for the LOVE experience. But we develop these patterns of pulling back from it. It may be an necessary to us as oxygen, but it carries associations of risk and disappointment too.

Here’s a good place to start. Recognizing your patterns of pulling back from love will immediately create more space to experience it. Which patterns do you relate to?

This is part of us that says “I’ll show up for all this ONLY when…”

  1. Everything’s perfect and organized, and I’m not making any mistakes
  2. Others totally appreciate me and love me unconditionally
  3. I feel successful.  I have admiration and attention
  4. I am completely free to express my feelings whenever and however I want to
  5. I have completely understood and mastered everything I need to know
  6. I have enough support to feel completely secure, nothing can take me by surprise
  7. I am totally happy and fulfilled.  When I am completely satisfied
  8. I am totally independent, when I’m in control and my will is never challenged
  9. Nothing in the world bothers or upsets me, when I and those around me are at peace and without conflict

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