Creating a healthy Relational Environment for Diabetic Family Members!

Ronna & Other Experts Talk to the National Diabetes Council about  Ways You Can Support Your Diabetic Family Member Read the FULL ARTICLE on the Diabetes Council’s Website HERE! Or just read RONNA’S Enneagram of Personality SECTION The Positive Impact of Creating a Healthy Relational Environment for Diabetic Family Members by Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie Good,…

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THE RELATIONSHIP GRID – A Fascinating Tool Created by Terry Real, Master Couples’ Therapist!

RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: BOUNDARIES & SELF-ESTEEM in Couple Life WHERE ARE YOU BOTH ON THE RELATIONSHIP GRID? 1up & Boundary-less? 1down & Boundary-less? 1up & Walled Off? 1down & Walled Off? ANOTHER WAY TO DESCRIBE OUR STYLE OF STUCKNESS & CREATE A DOOR OUT! Check out this amazing grid for understanding those rigid positions we can…

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Our Inner INDIVIDUALIST (Type 4) Teaches Us Something Important about Marriage – Authentic Happiness, Nice Guys, & the Hedonic Tread Mill!

Relationship Builder: AUTHENTIC COUPLE HAPPINESS & THE HEDONIC TREADMILL Couple happiness has the same problem all human happiness tends to have:  we habituate to it.    This has been referred to by researchers as the hedonic treadmill.  Without doing the work of relational growth, it’s very easy to let our amazing partner and valuable connection…

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Our Inner One (Reformer) Teaches Us Something Important About Marriage: DOUGHNUTS, DIRTY SOCKS, & THE DAILY DOUBLE – Notes from Cognitive Neuroscience on “The Willpower Gap”

TYPE ONE (Reformer) WISDOM on DOUGHNUTS, DIRTY SOCKS, & THE DAILY DOUBLE! Turn Those Relationship-Building Behaviors Into Habits, and Leave Your Willpower intact to Keep Your True Value System Awake During those Unexpected Stressful Moments in Couple Life.     We’ve all been there!   You avoid that doughnut that’s been calling to you most of…

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Ballroom Dance Team Relationship Coaching

Our Inner ENTHUSIAST TEACHES US SOMETHING IMPORTANT ABOUT MARRIAGE: Lessons from a Grave Digger – Notes from Master Couples’ Therapist, Peter Pearson!

RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: What Our Inner Seven Knows About Those “Little” Compromises   (Or…Observations from a Former Grave Digger) IF YOU ARE DESIGNED TO DANCE, WRITE, TRAVEL, HIKE, CREATE, STUDY, LEAD, OR SHINE IN SOME OTHER WAY, HONORING THAT, SPEAKING UP ABOUT THAT, IS PART OF BUILDING A GREAT RELATIONSHIP! Observations about (one kind of) Marriage…

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Enneagram Consultation

Your FREE Enneagram Personality Tests from THE RELATIONSHIP DOCTOR!

Sign Up for RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS & Get Free Enneagram of Personality Tests for you and your clients! (Plus Access to All of Our Other Relationship Tools & Tips!) AND Get the Latest Updates on Accelerating the Couple Development Journey using the Enneagram of Personality!

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4 Expert Tips to Help You STOP DATING THAT SAME PROBLEM with Different Names!

RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: Are We Doomed to Keep Dating (or Marrying) the Same Person with Different Names?   When Facing a Major Relationship Pattern in Your Life and seeking BIG shifts in that pattern, do these 4 things: Sometimes we feel stuck in relational patterns, feeling like we’re living the same script, over and over again, just with…

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9 Ennea-Wise Techniques to Handle DIFFICULT PEOPLE!

 Relationship Builder: HIGH PERFORMERS Avoid Using Up Brain Neurons on DIFFICULT PEOPLE! Stress costs us in neurons!   Stress of any kind exacts a high price on our brain, body, and relational health.   Research shows that high performers (usually high in emotional intelligence) take that reality seriously, and they stay in control of optional stressors.…

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