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Couple Fusion


RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: Fusion is NOT Unity!   1+1=1=Divorce… Because One of You is Redundant in the Dance! FUSION & THE DIVORCE VIRUS:  Developing the powerful force of unity and the mature ability to allow interdependence in couple life are signs of a healthy relationship.   While unity is a powerful and healthy spiritual force in couple life, fusion…

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Couples Coaching

The Essential Happiness Tool for Couples: Being Able to REPAIR After a Disconnect!

RELATIONSHIP BUILDER:  HAPPINESS IS Being Able to REPAIR! The Gottman Institute, Research & Think Tank for Couple Health, has some really good news for all of us!  THE ESSENTIAL HAPPINESS TOOL FOR COUPLES IS BEING ABLE TO REPAIR AFTER A DISCONNECT. The “good relationship” defined:  It’s not how many errors we make in our connection…

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Movies for Relationship

Movies for Relationship Health? Mindfulness, Movies, and the Relational Life “Ah-ha!”

The MOVIE-MEDITATION Relationship Tonic! What movies have been wake-up calls in YOUR relational journey? Ever left a movie theatre, contemplating an absorbing film, only to have an “Ah-ha!” moment just a bit later, regarding your OWN relational life….an almost supernatural moment of connecting with what you really feel, seeing things with new clarity, sensing a readiness arising to do…

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Novelty & the Sexual Instinct Can Kick us Out of Autopilot Couple Mode!

SHAKE THINGS UP – USE YOUR INSTINCTUAL ENERGY Kick Your Relationship Out of Autopilot Mode Regularly! TALK ABOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, CHECK OUT THAT EXOTIC NEW RESTAURANT, GET TICKETS TO HEAR A NEW LOCAL BAND…. Wear Red, Turn on Loud Music While You’re Cooking Dinner Together, Go Skydiving Together, Try Ballroom Dancing, Take a 1-day Silent…

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On the Lighter Side of Type – How Many of this Ennea-Type Does It Take to Screw In a Light Bulb?

HOW MANY OF THIS ENNEA-TYPE DOES IT TAKE TO SCREW IN A LIGHT BULB? By Ronna Phifer-Ritchie & John Waters Q: How many Ones does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Shouldn’t we be using longer-lasting bulbs? Q: Twos? A: As many as you need! Q: Threes? A: Just one. But someone…

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Date Dr.

When You Say ‘No’ to a Narcissist…

Important Question from a Reader: “What Happens When You Say ‘No’ to a Narcissist?” “My narcissist ex came over my house to get his things and tried to have sex with me. I said NO! He unleashed his rage by being mean and ignoring me. Then when all else failed he asked me for some money.…

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Jealous of His Job?

Hi, Dr. Ronna Here! Readers Often Ask Me What I Think They Should Do When Their Partner Seems Preoccupied with Work…. It’s Time to Look at Our Control Issues in Romance! Dear “Jealous of His Job,” I get it; one of the hardest things to do in a romantic relationship is to let go of…

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“I Just Don’t Like….”

…A Reader Asks! “What if I Just Don’t Like Her as Much as She Likes Me?” Dear “Low on Liking Her,” That is a great and beautifully honest question! Very often we don’t hear from the guys on this side of this relational equation. And I think you nailed the reason we don’t! Those automatic…

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RECIPE FOR HARMONY – Recorded Webinar with Dr. Ronna! HOW Couples Can Show Up with all Their Important Differences & WORK AS A TEAM When Conflict Arises! ____________________ _________________ MAKE SURE TO  CLICK ON “CC” & THEN “ENGLISH” SO YOU CAN READ THE WEBINAR CAPTIONS! (Don’t Have a Password?  Just Subscribe to the RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS NEWSLETTER…

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