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1-Hour Enneagram Phone Consultation Session with Ronna


This special discount can be applied to one leadership, partnership, or personal 60-minute phone consulting session with Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie. 

(Please Note:  If you are exploring couples’ sessions, both partners must attend the introductory consultation, no exceptions.   If you are exploring individual work, no partner is necessary.)


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The Christian Enneagram Experience

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10-Sessions Consultation Package

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Designed to Build Your Skills in TEN Important Personality Pathways to Psychological & Spiritual Development!

1. Your Dominant Enneagram Personality Style & How More Awareness of that Style Can Create More Presence & Peace in Your Connections with Others

2. Your Robbins Human Needs Psychology Profile & How to Get Your Deepest Needs Met in Healthy Ways in Your Relationships

3. Your Conflict Resolution Style & How You Can Expand that Style to Become a Better Problem Solver in Leadership and Partnership

5. How You Effectively Recharge, Your Most Comfortable Decision-making Style, Your Favorite Information-Intake Style, Your Desire for Closure,  & How to Widen and Optimize All Those MBTI Cognitive Lenses in Your Leadership & Bring More of Your Gifts to the Social World Around You

8. Your Instinctual Value Stack & How to Bring Important, Life-giving Balance to in Your Attention & Behavior Habits

9. What Stage of Partnership Life You are In with Spouses, Significant Others, or Business Colleagues, & the Most Important Growth Steps for You at this Particular Stage

10. Your Madanes Natural Life Management Skills & How to Create Amazingly Effective Systems in Your Personal & Professional Spheres

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