The Christian Mystic Coaching Experience:

A Place to Move Into New Levels of Psycho-Spiritual Health & Relational Functioning

Relaxing tension patterns and staying more open to the vibrant possibilities God creates in every moment.

Optimizing style strengths and learning to use the particular connection gifts of your personality type more consciously and effectively.

Expanding your response options in challenging situations.

Transforming difficult moments with loved ones and co-workers into powerful forward movement in the relationship.

Clearing up blind spots with the life-enhancing practice of staying curious in the relational field.

Moving into the kind of mindful interpersonal action that can create success in every area of your life.

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Why is Personality Development so Critical to Spiritual and Relational Health?

“You have probably noticed that people change constantly—sometimes they are clearer, more free, grounded, and emotionally available, while at other times they are more anxious, resistant, reactive, emotionally volatile and less free. Understanding the Levels makes it clear that when they change states within their personality, they are shifting within the spectrum of motivations, traits, and defenses that make up their personality type.”

“… two people of the same personality type… will differ significantly if one is healthy and the other unhealthy.” (Reproduced with permission from the Enneagram Institute, All Rights Reserved, the Enneagram Institute Website, 2005,

The Riso/Hudson Levels of Development:

The Structure of the Continuum of Levels
Level 1
The Level of Liberation
Level 2 The Level of Psychological Capacity
Level 3 The Level of Social Value
Level 4
The Level of Imbalance/ Social Role
Level 5 The Level of Interpersonal Control
Level 6  The Level of Overcompensation
Level 7
The Level of Violation
Level 8 The Level of Obsession and Compulsion
Level 9 The Level of Pathological Destructiveness

Used with permission from the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute, All Rights Reserved 2005

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