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Relational Style 



a profound and immensely practical way to

understand, expand, and shift your relationships:

· Deepen your awareness of how personality style “auto pilot”  thinking, feeling, & behaving dynamics impact your dating relationships

· Explore your historical conflict coping patterns and learn effective methods you can use for more effective communication

· Get clear on what really matters to you in life, and how those needs can be met in healthy ways in your relationships

· Discover how the three Instinctual Variants affect primary motivations and priorities in your relationships

· Experience the impact of increasing your presence on the health of your dating life & beyond….

Divorce Recovery,

the Deep Work….

Divorce Recovery

WONDERING IF GREAT RELATIONSHIPS AFTER DIVORCE ARE POSSIBLE?  Separation, divorce, and other marital crises are often some of the most important spiritual wake-up calls we encounter in life.    The painful reality of these life shocks can feel overwhelming without the right kind of growth-oriented support & structure.  Relationship Coaching Can Give You The Support & Structure You Need to Get There! 

Harness the spiritual voltage of this relational crisis to move into a new relational growth adventure!

Divorce or separation recovery work, done within the psychological-spiritual growth context of personality development, can change the trajectory of our relational future in powerful and positive ways!

Creating a Dating Life

in Midlife

that’s WORTH IT!

Dates Worth Keeping:

Presence & Profound Connections

During the “Plot Twists” in Midlife!

Relationships are core to our existence, and have an enormous impact on our identity, self-worth, and success in the world.  They can be rewarding and intriguing, as well as baffling and sometimes painful.  How we interact with others provides a key to our psychological and spiritual development.  And…

…the 40+ dating journey, with all of its potential for life-altering plot twists and turns, provides a powerful growth crucible for this kind of psycho-spiritual work.

Dating & Maturity Can Be a Powerful Recipe!