“It takes MORE than just building a great product to build something successful,”

as Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, says here in this talk …on team culture!

Team Culture

Entrepreneurs must create a team culture they love, because one will eventually emerge no matter what.   And company culture is what helps or impedes your people’s best work.

Build your team consciously…..Time for your team to get away and grow relationally?   Check out our Relational Development Package for Teams!

(INCLUDES A COPY OF THE AWAKENED COMPANY  the new Enneagram of Personality awareness raising plan for work teams, by Russ Hudson and Catherine Bell, for each team member….and so much more!   )   Here’s a quote from the authors’ site: “Following an era defined by a philosophy of profit first and growth at all costs, we are slowly awakening to the realization that the profit model is no longer sustainable. Businesses need to turn a profit, but more and more of us are realizing that when we value the bottom line above people, society, and the planet, disastrous results follow…”


And team culture is made up of personality styles and their varying levels of health.

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