Karla A Brown, MFT Intern, Campbell, CA

Ronna and Michelle are quite a dynamic team. I appreciated the personality differences they brought to the presentation. Both clinicians displayed their wealth of experience through stories and examples of the personality types. This was an introduction to the Enneagram, and I feel capable of using the principles with clients right away.

Janet, Campbell, LMFT, CA

Excellent presentation! This is a wonderful lens for couples work. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Enneagram, this is enough information to get you started. The day flew by and left me wanting more!

YaHuei Ci, MFTI, Campbell, CA

Fantastic workshop! I appreciate how Ronna and Michelle lead the workshop with rich, concrete information, useful experiential exercises, and sharing of their own experience working with clients of different personalities.

She has a gift for sharing knowledge that will build your professional skills!

I have had the honor of being in the Couples Institute Master Mentor Group with Ronna.   I have found Ronna brilliant, funny, and passionate about her trade.   Her command of the Enneagram has helped push my own professional and personal development.   She has a gift for sharing knowledge that will build your professional skills.   Learning more about the developmental piece of the Enneagram from her has helped me become a better couples therapist, as I am able to use the knowledge from Ronna to understand my clients more and work with them faster.   Her exuberant loving energy warms my heart and I am grateful to know her.    And I truly appreciate her openness to all Nine Types and teaching me to learn more about the path to wellness.  

“Ronna, ‘the Rock Star,’ as I call her….”

When we finally recognize that a difficult life transition is not only challenging, but an opportunity, so many wonderful things can happen.  Ronna, “the rock star” as I call her, was absolutely the right person at the right time in my life – she is authentic, funny, thoughtful, compassionate, and really smart – can you think of a better combination for someone in her line of work?   She helped me find break through moments in my own journey for personal growth, she met me where I was for each of our sessions, respected my thinking, and gently but enthusiastically encouraged new ways to approach relationships.   If you’re looking for someone who’s easy to talk to, thoughtful, and will help you find your unique path for growth, then Ronna is for you – she’s amazing! 

In awe of your work!

Thanks again for another amazing session.  I am still in awe of your work.  I am giving your email to our Clinical Director.  I also gave your info to a dear friend of mine.  You facilitate shift happening and I sense the deep sacredness in the belly of your work! 

My life and ministry have been wonderfully affected/effected by what you all taught so well!

I’m simply dropping a note to say: THANK YOU!!! Your conference has deeply influenced and transformed my life – no understatement. I had not realized, even through all my contemplative training and exercising, how much I still had constricted Reality through Personality. That weekend helped me to objectively and compassionately teach me to be much more Present in all things… I cannot stress enough how much my life and ministry have been wonderfully affected/effected by what you all taught so well! Thank you, Roxanne and Ronna. You are fantastic teachers!! Presence really is the key to knowing oneself, relationships and Reality (God in our tradition). The conference really made the enneagram 3-dimensional (though I’m sure there are more dimensions to be discovered!) in my current use and understanding of it. This practice and teaching has really helped me on a deeper level to encounter God not as a Being but as Being itself. Deeply intimate and relational by definition.