Is similarity REALLY that important in dating?

dating and similarity

The Journal of Personality & Social Psychology just came out with a new study that may reveal HOW IMPORTANT RELAXING AND STAYING OPEN TO DIFFERENCES during the first few dates is in your courting years!   Dating similar people may not be the best path to relational bliss.     (Click on the quote box above to read the full abstract on meetup and dating practices.)   Remembering to breathe, stay open, accepting, and curious about the individual in front of you may create a door to a long-term relationship that your current self has no way of envisioning.     That grounding in your body center, connection to your heart center, and support for clear operation of your head center will (no doubt) also allow you to see any “red flags” more clearly and respond appropriately, instead of simply going with your typical dating patterns.

Here’s an excerpt from Similarity in Relationships as Niche Construction: Choice, Stability, and Influence Within Dyads in a Free Choice Environment by   Bahns AJ, Crandall CS, Gillath O, Preacher KJ.

The data from the study…

 “…suggest that similarity is mainly due to niche construction, and is most important in the early stages of a relationship; its importance to further relationship development wanes.”

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